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Slot Machines Strategy and SystemsSlot machines are without doubt the easiest method of gambling at casinos and offer enormous returns for relatively nominal betting. Requiring little or no skill to play and operate, playing on casino slots is easy and very straightforward, with a selection of exciting and enticing games to choose from.

Casino Strategy: Symbols and Bars

A number of different symbols are used on all casino slot machines, including fruit symbols, stars, gold bars, double bars, treble bars, sevens, bells and 'wild cards'. Well known fruit symbols on casino slots include cherries, lemons, oranges and melons. The payout amounts depend entirely on the specific machine itself, and each separate game clearly displays its own scoring system and the relevant symbols.

Winning combinations of symbols vary, and where a line of gold bars may be the jackpot on one machine, it may simply be one of the lowest payouts on another. Wild card symbols are now available on a number of casino slots, which adds an extra dimension to this gambling game.

Casino Strategy: Hold Buttons

Hold buttons provide a small level of skill and control on casino slot machines, and are only available when the actual hold buttons begin to flash. By pressing the hold buttons against matching symbols, the reels can be spun again, whilst keeping the chosen symbols in attempt to match further symbols and win. When a hold button has been pressed, it will immediately stop flashing to indicate that it has been selected. To cancel a selected hold button, the button is simply pressed once more, making it begin to flash again.

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