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Information about Casino Slot Machine Payouts and Jackpots

Slot Machines Payout Odds and jackpotsMany casinos operate slot machines that are all linked to one overall jackpot, and each time the game is played, the casino's jackpot automatically increases until it is won. In large gambling cities, such as Las Vegas, identical slots are even linked electronically between casinos, constantly recalculating the jackpot accordingly. Slot machines are still played using coins or casino tokens, which are readily available at the casino's bank or cashpoints.

Also, an increasing number of casinos now operate coinless machines, with Smart Cards, which resemble ATM cashpoint cards. These casino Smart Cards can be used in all of the casino's slots, and also at a number of other gambling casino games.

Most casino jackpot machines pay small amounts of winnings in cash at the actual machine itself, although larger jackpots are always paid directly from the casino's bank.

Casino Payouts and Jackpots: House Advantage

The casino house advantage for slots varies, depending entirely on each specific machine, although the house advantage is generally between 1.5% to 9%, with possible payout odds of up to 98.5%. Slots are particularly profitable for casinos, as they only ever payout a proportion of the total stake money.

Payout odds only come into affect when playing casino slot machines for considerable lengths of time, Many experienced players and gamblers regularly play on specific casino machines solidly, for many hours at a time, in an attempt to win the illusive jackpot.

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